Selcouth. A word born from the old English world we never knew. A world where every item of clothing was tailor made and individuality was the norm.




That’s what the word stood for then and although not used in modern day language, we want to bring it back. It was often associated with travelling, standing for something which you didn't know, but after you experienced it, was unique, endearing and part of your identity.

It represents us and our desire to bring individuality to everyone. We are all defined in so many ways from what we wear, to how we speak, to the actions we take. Selcouth London brings these qualities into items designed for modern life, offering a point of difference and understated element of personality, character and style. 



We couldn't understand why wallets were so unchanged, outdated, lacking personality, style and character so we decided to do something about it and do things differently. Our aim is to turn the traditional market on its head and represent the qualities of Selcouth in the modern world. Although a wallet can be for life, why can't a wallet be for a season, your current style, or preference? 



We’re passionate about style, travel and putting yourself out there. Take risks, try new things and pursuing your ambitions.


Thanks for joining us on the journey,